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Asian handicap betting explained and how to use spread betting


Handicap betting explained to help you make the most of the betting options on the Betfair exchange. Handicap betting is common practice in points-based sports like football, rugby, basketball, and tennis, but is also frequently used in racing events, particularly horse racing. Handicap betting affects the way that odds are presented, and it is important to gain a solid understanding of this type of betting in order to be able to interpret those odds and place effective handicap bets. Handicap betting provides one team with a goal disadvantage, -1, or for example for betting purposes.

This can make games with a superior team more equal and interesting to bet on. A team must score more one more goal than their handicap to win a bet.

How Does a Single Handicap Work? What Sports Can Handicaps Be Used For? What is Asian Handicap Betting? Handicapped betting is an alternative way to bet on certain events.

For instance, if a professional m sprinter lined up against the average bloke off the s. All sporting events are at the mercy of situational factors. Traders - on a betting exchange - or bookmakers interpret these factors and represent each player or teams chances of success with odds - their implied probability of winning the game. Handicap betting - also known as the spread or Asian handicap betting - effectively "even up" a market, by assigning a virtual deficit or surplus handicap to each selection.

Handicap betting markets apply either a positive or negative goalpoint handicap to each sideplayer depending on which is identified as the favourite negative handicap or underdog positive handicap. Asian Handicap markets enable punters to bet on the outcome of a football match where one of the teams are given a goal handicap that’s either positive or negative.

It evens out the odds between two opponents, where the stronger team must win by more goals for it to count. Asian Handicap betting might sound complex at first, but it’s relatively simple once you see some worked examples.

I’ll explain exactly how Asian Handicap betting works. The Basics Of Asian Handicap Betting. Every Asian Handicap AH betting market is distinguished by the team name followed by a figures such as, +. Betting with Asian handicap is an advantage or backlog of one of the teams in sports game.

Handicap is expressed in adding or removing goals, points, sets. Asian Handicap betting is a system that originates from Indonesia and has become increasingly popular over the last decade. AHs were created so that when there is a difference in perceived quality between two opponents, in theory, both have roughly an equal chance of winning. Asian Handicap betting can be a great alternative to traditional 1X2 wagering as it eliminates the outcome of a draw which reduces the bookmaker's margins and therefore tends to offer more value to punters.

There are a range of Asian Handicaps available which we will explain below. There is also If the match ends in a draw then you lose your stake. If your selection loses then you lose your stake. Handicap betting essentially adds points to one side or the other before the actual event.

This is done to try and level the playing field between a competing underdog and favourite. If you see both sides with a handicap something is amiss or your bookmaker has been drinking. You should see only one handicapped side in a given match up. Betting handicap teams requires a bit of thought. For example, if the handicap adds 1 to the score of Germany, then it means that Germany are underdogs because they are being given a head start.

So a bet could be taken on Germany to hold on.

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European Handicap Betting Explained.

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In the betting world very often there could be a significant difference in the performance of two teams that are facing each other. Because of many different reasons many players injured, current financial situation or just better quality of the players one team can be a huge favorite and therefore odds for this team will be really low. Punters usually don't like to bet on such events, because of the big investment they have to make in order to have some decent profit and respectively the huge risk that. Asian Handicap enjoys the lion’s share in global handicap betting, as it is the more popular way of trying to equalize both teams winning possibilities.

However, this is not the only handicap betting you can choose. In fact, the European Handicap is older than Asian Handicap, used by European-based online bookmakers way long before the Asian way became popular. European handicap is basically a 3-way bet, similar to a 1X2 match result bet. That is why it is also found as Single handicap or 3-way handicap. In any match with a significant difference in strength between the two teams, a handicap is placed on the outsider, in order to make it harder for the favorite to win the bet.

So far the function is the same with Asian Handicap. After we have European handicap explained, you can easily spot that this wager type is very suitable for backing stronger home teams to win by more than one goal or specific number of points.

Apart from football, that is how European handicap in basketball and other sports works. The only difference is that the handicap in these sports usually has higher values as more goalspoints are scored in these other sports.

So, you bet X at handicap of Most tight matches end with one goal difference but you still need to select your games very carefully. Handicap betting offers a good method to get better odds on games and matches where you have strong favorite and respectively low odds. By Isaiah Maidis Founder Editor of filmworkz.us Last updated on 30 January at Asian handicap is a specific sports betting option where one team has a virtual lead handicap over the other team, while there is no draw outcome.

A minus symbol - is used for the favorites who need to cover the handicap and a plus symbol + when you're betting on the underdog who has the handicap advantage. Asian handicap has alternative forms on its choices which are called "lines". In this case, the match starts with a score of The underdog team has the head start of one goal prior to kick-off. Juventus vs Bologna You are betting on Juventus to win -1 Asian handicap.

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Matched betting - often mistakenly called match betting - is a way of making sustainable extra income from home. Starting out with match betting. If you’re new to matched betting, it can seem pretty complicated and perhaps confusing.

Profit Accumulator offers members a service to guide people through every step of the process.

Related Matched betting for dummies. Members are also shown the latest bookies’ offers and shown how to make money from them. Many match bettors have little or no interest in gambling or sports. You can make money from match betting simply by following instructions. Profit Accumulator has the most active matched betting forum on the web, where members s. Handicapping is an age old practice of giving an advantage or disadvantage to contestants, teams, horses, etc.

To alter the chances of winning. The name handicap comes from a Century lottery like game called hand-in-cap where people placed their bets in a cap. In modern times handicapping was first introduced in horse racing as a way of equalising the horses. In handicap racing horses will carry a weight that supplements the weight of the animal and the jockey giving the effect of evening out the field. Handicap Match Betting - This is the most common handicap bet.

Here you are betting on goals or points scored during a match. The bet wins if your team wins once the handicap is applied. This can be applied to any sport where points are scored. Compiled by DevinH21 for Hollywoodbets.

Follow them both on Twitter now! Rugby Bet Type Explanation - Handicap Betting. Ever looked forward to betting on a rugby match, but you were unable to find value on the outright market because the game is so one sided? There is a bet that does make watching one sided games very exciting, and that is handicap betting!

Handicap betting gives both sides an equal chance of winning the match by either adding or deducting points from their end score. Find value in rugby betting now by reading our explanation on this bet type. Asian handicap odds in football betting on online bookmaker is a good option for bettors.

We explained the detail of Asian handicap system, rules, and we created a chart that you can check your bet result. The Asian handicap works in exactly the same way as standard or European handicap betting but uses both half points half a goal! And full points and removes the draw.

By introducing the decimal it is easier for the bookmaker to make closer matched teams more even and also can allow for bets to be split. By using the decimals in the Asian handicap might the bookmaker might give Celtic a + goal advantage before the game instead of or and a +3 goal advantage.

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One of the major bets is a bet on handicap. Every sportsbook offers it in the line. These wagers allow making stakes on more beneficial terms. That’s why, the majority of pros use this very type.

It is often the case when the score of the event is predictable, that is to say, one of the teams is much stronger. Therefore, bookmakers offer small odds on Moneyline. Betcity offers the very match in the following line Checking Out Fractional Handicap To Begin With.

This handicap is mostly used in the UK to distinguish probability. Clear-cut win of Team2 marked green We may see that bookmaker offers higher odds for handicap Team2 win. Therefore, your win would also be big. Handicap betting - also known as the spread or Asian handicap betting - effectively "even up" a market, by assigning a virtual deficit or surplus handicap to each selection. Handicap betting markets apply either a positive or negative goalpoint handicap to each sideplayer depending on which is identified as the favourite negative handicap or underdog positive handicap.

Asian handicap betting is a variation on the no draw handicap match betting market explained above, whereby the draw is eliminated. However, they also offer the possibility of split handicaps, whereby your selection is made up of a selection of whole, half or quarter numbers. Example of a single Asian handicap bet. Handicap betting is one of the most popular betting options in point-based sports like football, basketball, and tennis.

Most bookmakers allow you to make use of handicap betting and we will explain how it works and what it is all about. It is necessary to understand this betting option since handicap betting affects the way odds are presented. Handicap betting is a great way to find even match ups. Even if the teams or players competing are completely different and one of them is way better than the other, you can consider betting on it.

Handicap bets allow you to bet at decent odds on a underdog or a favorite. Due to the large differences between two teams it can often times happen that you are facing extremely bad odds, which are not worth betting on. Modern sports bettors are spoiled for choice with an ever-increasing number of exciting markets available to bet on each match, race, game and fight.

Hundreds of betting opportunities mean even the fussiest punters are catered for and, if you can’t find what you’re looking for amongst the mountains of odds, bookmakers now offer the chance to play trader and create your own market. It’s an exciting time to be a sports punter, with top strategies combining match winner, total goals, handicap, goal betting and plenty more besides.

Here is the Asian Handicap explained.

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Topics IncludeIntro Main Bets Goals Handicaps OverUnder Specials Outrights Conclusion.

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The Different Types of Football Bets Explained. As you probably already know, online football betting has come a long way since the ’s. In the section below you’ll see that we’ve grouped together all of the most common types of bets you find at all the top rated betting sites. Keep scrolling down to the sections below where you can find out how to use a both teams to score strategy, learn which bookmaker provides the best selection of specials bets, and where you can see the handicap bet type and Asian handicap explained in full.

A Draw no bet simply means that if the match ends in a draw your stake is returned. RATING 11 players voted Loading For many people on betting websites, they stick to the basic markets. For example, they choose a team to win a game of football. Unfortunately, they miss out on great odds and fantastic betting opportunities simply because they don’t understand some of the terms used in this industry. Fear not, we’re going to introduce one of the biggest of today handicap betting.

By the end, you should understand handicap betting in addition to the ramifications of making such a bet! Essentially, handicap betting is th.

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Bet Asian Handicap Betting is perfect for football fans looking to level the playing field and bet on stronger odds and fewer outcomes, dramatically increasing their shot at walking away from a match with a prize. Unlike the more popular form of Match Price betting, Asian Handicaps do away with a draw as a viable outcome, reducing the bet outcomes to just two. Asian Handicaps let players reduce the risk of losing, providing the player their stake back if the handicap is only equalled, rather than overcome.

What is the selection of Asian Handicap bets at bet?. One of the most popular and shrewdest forms of football betting is Asian Handicap betting and in today’s blog post I want to explain what they are, how they work and why you should start using them. Loved by football betting syndicates and many shrewd punters alike Asian Handicaps can be rightly off putting for those of you baffled by its terminology and talk of half goals, quarter goals and other strange phrases.

Asian Handicaps Just What Are They? The Far East’s interest in football is matched by an almost insatiable appetite for gambling on the big games, especially the Premier League.

One of the quirks of Asian Handicap betting is that they can be exactly the same as other bet types, just with a different name. Handicap bets are offered by all betting companies. You can get a good profit on them, unlike bets on a net outcome.

It is important to learn how to correctly calculate the final score, taking into account the handicap, especially if it does not have an integer, but a fractional value.

Consider these steps in the examples. Both a beginner better and a professional should be able to correctly calculate the bets. Calculation of bets with handicaps can be done in the mind, painted on paper, done using a regular or special calculator. It is important to make preliminary. Handicap betting is where competitors within the field of an event are handicapped’ to even out the entire field a little. Physically in horse racing, for example, horses that in the past have performed well will be given extra weight to carry in attempt to slow them down, allowing the lesser-performing horses more of a chance.

In terms of bookmakers, bookies may offer bets in which one of the competitors is given an advantage over the other. For example in football, say Arsenal were playing a lower-league side such as Accrington Stanley. A bookie may offer a bet for Arsenal to win where Ac.

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Bet Scorecast Betting Single Bet Spread Betting Starting Price System Bets Teaser Bets Tote Betting Tricast Bet or Trifecta Value Bets Void Bet.

There is a good chance that all of you have heard of Asian handicap, but European Handicap is not such a familiar term. With European Handicap, one of the two teams is given an advantage before the match starts, but there are still three possible outcomes home win, draw and away win.

There are no void bets or stake refunded here, but a simple calculation is done when the match ends, taking into account the handicap given before. Asian handicap betting is a form of betting on football in which teams are handicapped according to their form, so that a stronger team must win by more goals for a punter betting on them to win. The system originated in Indonesia and has gained popularity in the early century.

It is a form of spread betting. Handicaps typically range from one-quarter goal to several goals, in increments of half- or even quarter-goals. Do you need Asian Handicap Explained? How it works and when to use it. This is a guide to the various types of Asian handicap.

Asian Handicaps are a relatively new type of bet which are offered on football matches. The Asian Handicap is created so that in theory, each team has a roughly equal chance of winning. In Asian Handicap betting, effectively the draw is taken out of play and a competitive market formed. So rather than deciding between home, draw and away, you simply decide which team you think is the best bet on the Asian Handicap they have been given or that they receive.

The handicap is expressed in terms of goals or part of a goal start or deficit. Different Types of Asian Handicaps.

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Handicap betting is when a specific selection within a sporting event is assigned a handicap’ to overcome, so that you may win your bet. Typically, this type of bet is attractive to users when there is a very strong favourite participating because the event markets odds are so low You may have also heard handicap betting referred to as line, points or spread betting.

Comparison between an event and handicap bet West Ham to win the match are West Ham -1 is With the standard style of betting, your payout is minimal. If the match ends, your bet on Alaves is won because the final score on the market is Atletico Madrid 2 Alaves However, if the game ends, the scoreline is a tie. Asian handicap betting strategy is a form of betting on soccer in which teams are handicapped according to their most recent form.

A stronger team must win by more goals for a bet on the team to grade as a winner. Essentially, it is a form of spread betting.

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Asian handicaps typically range from one-quarter goal to several goals, in increments of half- or even quarter-goals. Asian Handicap Strategy Explained. Unlike most other sports, particularly American-based sports, soccer is one of the few sports where ties or draws are a routine outcome.

However, when betting an Asian handicap, the tie is taken off the table. It’s easy to see why this form of betting has become so popular. Betting on a match to draw isn’t particularly appetizing to most sports bettors. Where the perceived difference in abilities is significant the betting odds on the Favourite will be so small that it provides minimal returns and therefore little incentive for bettors.

To counter the perceived bias in abilities, and to provide more balanced and appealing odds, bookmakers offer what is known as handicap betting. If the match ends in a draw, half of your stake at 0 will be refunded, and the other half at will lose. If Team X wins however, both handicaps will be covered, so both bets win. If you’re stuck in the past slavishly following three-way fixed odds betting, the chances are you’re not getting a decent return on your investment, and your betting might benefit from the fresh perspective that soccer handicap betting provides. Imagine a strange game of football where every time a goal is scored, the game resets back to Who would win from this point?

Even if Liverpool were already up against Fulham, there’s still a game on as either team could win from Will Liverpool sit back and let one slip, or will they push on and score more? For in-play Asian handicap betting, the following bookie accounts are a must for pre match betting too Pinnacle com SBObet Dafabet Bet Why Betfair isn’t always best for Asian Handicap.

While you might think that Betfair is the only place for in play betting, when you factor in their 5 commission, you often get much better odds with the Asian bookies the same is true with pre-match betting.

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Explanation of handicap betting. Handicap is the numerical figure that is set by the bookmaker in order to counter the perceived bias in abilities factors. Both of the teams and this will give more balanced odds. In other words, bookmakers offer handicap betting in order to counter the perceived bias in abilities in order to give more appealing and balanced odds. When it comes to soccer, Handicap soccer betting odds focus on the field where the match is played by accounting for the difference in perceived strength of the teams with applying a goal handicap.

Where there are positive and negat. Asian handicap betting applies only to football games soccer and, in rare cases, field hockey.

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Online wagering has allowed punters to get a better understanding of this betting type, as well as making it easier to place a bet on football. What is Asian handicap betting? Asian handicap betting is when bookmakers offer a goal-start differential for football games, based on teams form.

For example Some matches will be handicapped or In that case, there can be no pushes, as neither team can score in quarter or half goals. Therefore, quarter handicaps are split between the two closest half-intervals. For example, a bet with a handicap of is the same as betting 50 at and 50 at 2. In the betting world very often there could be a significant difference in the performance of two teams that are facing each other.

Because of many different reasons many players injured, current financial situation or just better quality of the players one team can be a huge favorite and therefore odds for this team will be really low. Punters usually don’t like to bet on such events, because of the big investment they have to make in order to have some decent profit and respectively the huge risk that comes with the big investment. If you bet on Qarabag +2 your bet will be winning in case they win the match, gets in a draw or loses by 1 goal.

Difference between european handicap and asian handicap. The best way to explain this form of betting is by example. We recommend you read through each example we list below slowly and clearly.

Do not move on to the next example until you have understood the first one. If you do this methodically then you will gain a valuable insight into what could be a very profitable form of gambling for you particularly if you are a keen follower of football. Example 1 handicaps of half a goal. Imagine Chelsea v Sunderland in a Premier League football match. You can see how Asian Handicaps can take a seemingly one-sided match and make it a more interesting betting event.

If you play golf, then it is very similar. As with golf handicaps, the football teams are handicapped to make their chances more even.

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Asian Handicap Explained A Guide to Asian Handicap Betting Asian Handicap Calculator Top AH Bookmakers Get Tips for AH Betting. Minimum cash bet 5 win or 5 each-way at fractional odds of 49. Free bet will match the first qualifying cash bet struck on the account. Free bet stake not returned on subsequent bets. Only the win parts of wineach-way bets will qualify.

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You placed a bet on handicap +, and the game ends in a draw. Half of your betplaced on handicap 0 is lost, while the other halfplaced on + is a win. In the opposite case where a handicap of is followed by a draw, your bet would result in a half lose. In another example, consider the handicaps of and + Asian Handicap Table.

This time, the half win is achieved if you place a bet with handicap, and your team wins by 1 The half on -1 is lost. Do you know the different odds types? We have written articles explaining them 1x2. The Best Matched Betting Strategy - Maximize the Profits From Your Matched Bets.

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Draw no bet DNB handicaps The simplest Asian handicap is Draw No Bet DNB. If the match we have chosen ends with a regular draw or a draw considering the handicaps then our stake will be returned to us.

Example we have a match between Arsenal and Sunderland AH +1 we predict 1 and the match ends with the win of Arsenal, after setting the handicap we have the result and then have the stake returned to us according to the draw no bet’ principle. This image explains how the simplest Asian Handicap works. Asian handicap adjusted with a final score could result in a draw. This situation is not a draw, but a push and You receive a refund of your stake.

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Explaining Handicap Betting Terminology. Still speaking about the example above, pitting Real Madrid against Almeria from the Spanish top division, Almeria effectively have a advantage for the purposes of the bet before the match begins.

Essentially, for a bet on Real Madrid -2 to succeed, they need to win by three clear goals. The actual result of the fixture will have the handicap applied to it in order to determine the winning team or outcome for the purposes of the bet. In the above image the option stands for a bettor to pick a handicap draw, which effectively means that the outcome.

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Handicap betting is something that spices up the betting a little more. It makes boring matches a bit more fun while you can earn more when you bet. Recently, this has become more popular and it is easy to understand why.

Earlier there were only honorable 1, X, 2 but now you can also play with handicap. Handicap betting came out when one wanted to play on his favorite team, but when the odds were too bad, new methods had to be taken. There are two different types of game modes and now we will explain both. It is either European Handicap Betting or Asian handicap.

They are roughly the same, but there are minor differences. The second variant is a bit more generous to the player and we will now explain why!.

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Asian Handicap Betting Explained. When betting on football, punters are often stung by the draw, which creates a third outcome when betting on the outright result of a game. That is, most people will bet on either Team A or Team B to win the match outright on the 12 market rather than bet on the draw. Should the match end in a tie, then punters who have bet on Team A and those that have bet on Team B will lose their bets whilst the bookies gleefully rub their hands together.

Best Sports Betting Sites February up to.

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Description Handicap Basketball Betting Rules, System, Spread Explained. Copyright All Rights Reserved. The Handicap basketball betting number often displayed as either. Or + a figure, such as or + points is factored into the final. Results to determine the match’s results for the purpose of the. This means that the handicap outcome is at times different. For instance, look at these two handicap wagers filmworkz.us 17 125 Handicap Basketball Betting Rules, System, Spread Explained.

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Handicap betting tends to attract more experienced punters than more common types of match betting. As a result, the bookmakers normally take lower profits than they would on straight match betting and shrewd bettors can benefit from this. The betting companies recognise the need to be competitive in these specialised markets but they also know they can gain profit from novice punters that enter the market without fully understanding how it works.

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Asian handicap bets can also be useful for matches that are expected to be very tight. This is due to the fact that the draw is always a possibility in a lot of games and if this happens, and you have bet on one of the teams to win, then you could see half the stake returned to your balance.

Ideally, the Asian handicap will be used by the bookmakers so the odds on offer for each team are set at around evens. This obviously provides a lot more opportunity to profit than merely backing a short-priced favourite to win a match in which they are virtually guaranteed to triumph. This Asian handicap table helps to explain how it works. Asian handicap Starting at the top of the Asian handicap betting table, we will open up with AH.

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AH is becoming a real fan favourite with bookmakers all over the world. Learn here how Asian Handicap works! This guide will define and explain Asian Handicap betting, a form of fixed odds soccer betting that is incredibly popular in the Far East, and which is rapidly winning over punters in the UK and the rest of Europe as well as an alternative way to bet on football.

We give you a list of bookies where you can find Asian Handicap odds. Handicap betting is becoming an incredibly popular market, with it putting teams on a level playing field and helping enhance your odds.

Ultimately it’s an incredibly simple concept to understand, despite looking a little daunting, so don’t just scroll past the mark.

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Asian Line bets are placed on either the favoured team to overcome a handicap - goals or on the opposing team receiving a handicap on top of their actual score +goals. For two equally matched teams, the handicap line is 0 or 'level'. If either team wins by any margin they the winning team are to be settled as the winning selection.

In the event of a draw all bets are void and stakes are refunded. For unequal contests, the favoured team will be given a handicap - goals. In Asian betting, goal handicaps are known as 'balls'. There are two types of Asian Handicap Line S.

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Handicap bets have been invented for a simple reason Betting odds are usually pretty low for a win of the favoured team for matches with a clear favourite and an explicit underdog. Cup matches of a Bundesliga team versus a lower class team or matches like Germany against Luxemburg would be two examples for clear favourites. This interesting version of the handicap bet, that we want to recommend, will be explained in detail here. So much beforehand Asian handicap gives you the opportunity to get back the whole stakes or parts of it.

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Betting types betting markets handicap Asian handicap sports betting home-draw-away structure bookies bets on sport gambling betting coverage accumulator FGS betting LGS bets.

This betting guide explains what the difference between them and how they are used. This small article would be really useful for any beginner because it tackles the basis information about sports betting. The first type of bets we are going to tell about is betting on 90 minutes match result, in other words called WLD WinLoseDraw or 1x2.

This type of bets is the easiest for your understanding and the every outcome is 33 possible. When we are talking about matches where playing teams are differently experienced, it comes as the best one in order to make money by betting.

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Placing bets on it is something between gambling and sure bets. Otherwise, it is like placing sure bets for a match to end with a specific result with low risk, but with higher profit. It sounds exciting for me and that's why will explain it in more details below for those of you who find it interesting too. The value of the Middles on the top left corner, explains what is the risk from placing bets on it.

If you look at example 1 the value is, but let's say it is 7. This means that if you bet 6 times with and lose and on the seventh time you bet and win you will get back your money with a small profit of.

3 Way Handicap in sports arbitrage betting Arb Betting. BackLay Surebets sports arbitrage Arb Betting.

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Sports betting is surprisingly in-depth! Most punters will opt for a straight bet, where they will place a token amount of money on a given event or market. But others like to think a little bit outside of the box. Interested in having some of the more adventurous bet types explained?

What Are the Different Types of Bets? Match Performance spread betting type. All of these betting markets on the football are available with the online bookmakers and you can accumulate these into the full list of bet types above so you find many punters wagering a treble or football accumulator on these markets above.

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Tennis betting explained Guide on what you need to know. Odds in Tennis and in any other sport as a matter of fact, are representation of implied probability of a certain outcome to occur. Most popular ones are to win the match. Match total in games, correct score betting on sets. First set winner, first player to break of serve, handicap betting on games or sets and to win in straight sets.

Which Tennis betting strategy to choose? Betting on the favorite is the simplest strategy where desirable odds to look for are around [email protected] Don't bet on clear favorites odds lower than, since its not so uncommon for tennis to have underdogs serve surprises.

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Premier League Handicap Betting. Premier League Top Goalscorer Betting. filmworkz.us explains pool betting and a few tips to improve your chances of landing a big dividend on horse racing and football. November 06, Pool betting has evolved a long way since Sir John Moores founded Littlewoods in and sold entries to his football pools competition.

Every day Colossus Bets offer pool bets on major football matches throughout Europe. Sometimes they ask you to select the correct score in each of the matches, whilst other pools will require you to select the correct outcome Home win, Draw or Away win. Some pools also offer a consolation prize.

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Asian Handicap Betting Strategy Video 3 Asian Handicap Betting Explained. Today we're gonna be talking about Asian Handicap betting. I have a strategy here that we're going to test and we're going to explain a bit more about Asian Handicapping as well.

Subsequently, many matches are handicapped in and intervals both of which eliminate the possibility of a push since no one can score a half-goal. Quarter handicaps split the bet between the two closest intervals. For instance, a bet with a handicap of 1 is the same as betting at 1 and at 2.

With handicap bets, you can win and tie win of wager or lose and tie lose wager.

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Our live, in-depth football statistics from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Russian Premier League, Brasileiro, MLS, Super Lig and Championship supplies unique and original insights for football fans, sports betting punters, journalists, football managers and players.

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Asian handicap betting markets at Bet While most sports bets in the world are placed on the outright winners of sports events, there are many other markets available to bet on. Especially the online bookmakers like to offer multiple betting markets on each match and tend to offer dozens of markets for big football matches, such as the Premier League or Champions League matches.

One betting market that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in recent years with the online bookmakers has certainly been the Asian Handicap. Originating from Indonesia, and formerly known as the Hang Cheng.

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